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GBA 2004MBit Competition

As some of you may have known, I ported my PC game YuckFu! over to the GameboyAdvance a while ago, to participate on a competition held by My game, along with nine others, was chosen to be burned on some hundred cartridges and sold (non-profit) to the public.

YuckFu packshot Now, after a while of waiting, the organizers finished all cartridges, boxes and manuals and packed them up. My parcel arrived this week, and I just love the result. Many thanks to everyone at GBADev for making this possible!

So, this also means I'll be able to release the GBA ROM of my game shortly. If you've the gear, you can play YuckFu! wherever you are. Isn't this exactly what you always wanted to do?

December 4, 2005 23:12
Tags: Games

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