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The forgotten tales of Warsow

Well, it has been over a year, since I last updated this site - lot's of work/real life stuff, yada yada. So, I thought it's time to finally collect some old news!

Warsow Map Some time ago I was asked to help making maps for warsow. Warsow, in case you haven't heard, is a freeware FPS, based on the now open source Quake 2 / QFusion Engine. I was given an unfinished version of WDM1, tweaked the layout a little, added some detail and textures and established the overall look of this map. The screenshot on the right shows the map after I was finished with it. Since then, the map has been overhauled more than once by some other people from the team, and is now definitely worth playing.

unfinished Warsow Map Another map I had lying on my HDD was only recently given to the warsow team, in the hope that they can use it somehow. I built the layout from scratch, added some textures and details, and again tried to establish the overall look of this map. I got bored in the middle of the process, so the lighting is far frome done.

Still reading? You should be playing warsow by now!

May 9, 2007 21:05 | Comments (0)
Tags: Maps, Warsow

Sturmernte in German PC-Gaming magazine

Sturmernte in PC-Action My Quake 4 Map Sturmernte is featured in the 05/2006 issue of PC Action, one of the biggest PC-Gaming magazines in Germany.

Sturmernte is a part of the Doom 3 & Quake 4 Map-Pack on the magazines DVD, and is also shown in the magazine itself.

April 5, 2006 16:04 | Comments (2)
Tags: Maps, Quake 4


It's finally done! My new map Sturmernte, this time for Quake 4, was finished minutes ago. Check out the Maps page and start your downloads!

Sturmernte for Quake 4

There's also a server running the map.

Have fun!

January 14, 2006 19:01 | Comments (0)
Tags: Maps, Quake 4

It's coming...

Sturmernte screenshot cq4dm1 is a small and very fast Quake 4 Tourney map. Just needs some more polishing and beta testing, to find the right item placement.

Expect its release in one or two weeks.

January 9, 2006 20:01 | Comments (1)
Tags: Maps, Quake 4

Some reviews of Kritische Masse

Finally .::LVL postet a pretty good review of my map Kritische Masse. You can find another one at (German).

Enjoy reading!

September 3, 2003 19:09 | Comments (0)
Tags: Quake 3, Maps

Kritische Masse

Yep, finally my new map Kritische Masse is gold!

Kritische Masse for Quake 3

Not much to say about it. Just go to the maps page and start your download.

July 12, 2003 19:07 | Comments (0)
Tags: Quake 3, Maps

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